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Preferred Contractors

Supplier NameIncentivesCountyService Area
A-1 InsulationWexfordDublin, Leinster (Excluding Dublin), Munster
Absolute Heat InsulationWaterfordLeinster (Excluding Dublin), Munster
AL Plastering & Building ContractorTipperaryLeinster (Excluding Dublin), Munster
All Energy ServicesWexfordConnacht, Dublin, Leinster (Excluding Dublin), Munster, Ulster
Allweather InsulationKilkennyDublin, Leinster (Excluding Dublin), Munster
AM ConstructionWaterfordLeinster (Excluding Dublin), Munster
AMW Plumbing & HeatingTipperaryMunster
Andrew Firman & Co LtdWexfordDublin, Leinster (Excluding Dublin)
Andrew MurphyWexfordLeinster (Excluding Dublin), Munster
Anthony KennedyTipperaryMunster
Archstone Enterprises LimitedWaterfordLeinster (Excluding Dublin), Munster
Ashgrove Construction Kilkenny LtdKilkennyLeinster (Excluding Dublin)
Ashley CombustionWexfordLeinster (Excluding Dublin)
Atlantic Plumbing & Heating LtdWaterfordMunster
Av Plumbing Ltd.TipperaryMunster
B Ryan Plumbing Services LtdWaterfordMunster
Ben Mcphillips LtdWexfordLeinster (Excluding Dublin)
Bernard BourkeTipperaryDublin, Munster
Billy & Keith Loughman Plumbing & HeatingKilkennyLeinster (Excluding Dublin)
Brian Condon Heating And Plumbing ServiceTipperaryMunster
Byrne Boiler ServicesWexfordDublin, Leinster (Excluding Dublin)
Byrne Gas & ElectricalWaterfordMunster
C & B Cormican Building Contractors LtdTipperaryMunster
Ck Energy Management Solutions (Ems) LtdWaterfordConnacht, Dublin, Leinster (Excluding Dublin), Munster
Clonmel InsulationTipperaryMunster
Codex Mechanical Engineering LtdWexfordDublin, Leinster (Excluding Dublin), Munster
Cresthaven LtdWaterfordLeinster (Excluding Dublin), Munster
Custom Built Homes LtdWexfordDublin, Leinster (Excluding Dublin)
D Mcl Plastering LtdWaterfordLeinster (Excluding Dublin), Munster
D V Enterprises LtdWexfordDublin, Leinster (Excluding Dublin)
D.C. ConstructionTipperaryDublin, Munster
Darren Roberts Plumbing & HeatingWaterfordMunster
Deise Insulation LtdWaterfordMunster
Dermot McGrath Plumbing & Heating Services LtdWexfordLeinster (Excluding Dublin)
Don Moloney Heating & PlumbingTipperaryMunster
Ecomax Building Solutions LimitedKilkennyDublin, Leinster (Excluding Dublin), Munster
Ecosy Insulation LtdTipperaryMunster
Eddie Connolly Builders (Nenagh) LtdTipperaryMunster
Energystore LtdTipperaryDublin, Leinster (Excluding Dublin), Ulster
Environmental Heating SystemsKilkennyConnacht, Dublin, Leinster (Excluding Dublin), Munster
First Choice Energy LtdWexfordDublin, Leinster (Excluding Dublin)
Fitzpatrick InsulationsKilkennyDublin, Leinster (Excluding Dublin), Munster
Five Counties Home Insulation LimitedWexfordLeinster (Excluding Dublin), Munster
Frank Commins Plumbing & Heating LtdKilkennyLeinster (Excluding Dublin), Munster
Frank Fennessy LtdTipperaryMunster
Gas Oil ServicesKilkennyDublin, Leinster (Excluding Dublin), Munster
Ger FeeneyWaterfordMunster
Gerry KennyKilkennyLeinster (Excluding Dublin), Munster
GJM Contracts LtdWexfordDublin, Leinster (Excluding Dublin), Munster
Grogan Burner ServicesKilkennyLeinster (Excluding Dublin), Munster
Harry ArndtTipperaryMunster
Harry RyanWexfordLeinster (Excluding Dublin)
Heat Doc LtdWexfordLeinster (Excluding Dublin)
Heat In Insulation LtdTipperaryLeinster (Excluding Dublin), Munster
Heat My HomeTipperaryMunster
Heat Tech Solutions LtdKilkennyDublin, Leinster (Excluding Dublin), Munster
Holden Brothers InsulationsKilkennyDublin, Leinster (Excluding Dublin)
Howell Davies Heating & Plumbing Energy AssessorWexfordDublin, Leinster (Excluding Dublin), Ulster
Ivan WalshWaterfordMunster
James Collins Plumbing & Heating LtdTipperaryMunster
James Doran & Sons Ltd.WexfordDublin, Leinster (Excluding Dublin), Munster
James O Connor Plumbing & HeatingTipperaryConnacht, Dublin, Leinster (Excluding Dublin), Munster
Jeremiah ClancyTipperaryMunster
JJ O Sullivan ConstructionTipperaryLeinster (Excluding Dublin), Munster
JMC ConstructionWaterfordLeinster (Excluding Dublin), Munster
Joe Quigley Boiler & Plumbing ServiceTipperaryLeinster (Excluding Dublin), Munster
John ByrneTipperaryMunster
John Costin Plumbing & HeatingWaterfordMunster
John Kehoe Plumbing and HeatingWexfordDublin, Leinster (Excluding Dublin), Munster
John LynaghTipperaryLeinster (Excluding Dublin), Munster
John Somers Construction LtdWexfordLeinster (Excluding Dublin), Munster
John Tobin Projects LtdKilkennyConnacht, Dublin, Leinster (Excluding Dublin), Munster
Joseph Whelan Plumbing & HeatingTipperaryLeinster (Excluding Dublin), Munster
Kearney Phelan Eng. T/A Rd Plumbing & HeatingKilkennyDublin, Leinster (Excluding Dublin)
Keating Insulation LtdWexfordDublin, Leinster (Excluding Dublin)
Kelly Insulation Heating & PlumbingWexfordConnacht, Dublin, Leinster (Excluding Dublin), Munster, Ulster
Kevin DunphyKilkennyLeinster (Excluding Dublin), Munster
Kilmallock Developments LtdWexfordConnacht, Dublin, Leinster (Excluding Dublin), Munster
Leetherm Heating & PlumbingTipperaryLeinster (Excluding Dublin), Munster
Leetherm Insulation Ltd.TipperaryDublin, Leinster (Excluding Dublin), Munster
Lennon Heating And PlumbingKilkennyDublin, Leinster (Excluding Dublin)
Liam Phelan ConstructionTipperaryConnacht, Dublin, Leinster (Excluding Dublin), Munster
Macmurph Plumbing& Heating LtdKilkennyConnacht, Dublin, Leinster (Excluding Dublin), Munster
Maple PlumbingWaterfordMunster
Mark Power Plumbing + HeatingWaterfordLeinster (Excluding Dublin), Munster
Martin BeirneKilkennyLeinster (Excluding Dublin)
McCorry Construction Kilkenny LtdKilkennyLeinster (Excluding Dublin)
Metro Building Contractors LtdWexfordDublin, Leinster (Excluding Dublin), Munster
Michael CodyKilkennyLeinster (Excluding Dublin)
Michael Cullen Central Heating & Plumbing SystemsKilkennyLeinster (Excluding Dublin)
Michael Organ Plumbing & HeatingWaterfordMunster
Michael WallWexfordDublin, Leinster (Excluding Dublin)
Mulcahy Construction LtdTipperaryMunster
N G E IWaterfordMunster
Ned ComminsTipperaryMunster
Niall O Shea Builders LtdTipperaryMunster
Noel Kavanagh Plumbing & Heating Co LtdTipperaryMunster
Nrg Benefits ServicesTipperaryMunster
O Leary InsulationWexfordDublin, Leinster (Excluding Dublin), Munster
Ollie Mc Phillips LtdWexfordDublin, Leinster (Excluding Dublin), Munster
Paragon EnergyKilkennyDublin, Leinster (Excluding Dublin), Munster
Patrick Byrne Building LtdWexfordDublin, Leinster (Excluding Dublin)
Patrick DowlingKilkennyLeinster (Excluding Dublin)
Paul Murphy Heating + PlumbingWexfordDublin, Leinster (Excluding Dublin)
Peter BreretonTipperaryConnacht, Dublin, Leinster (Excluding Dublin), Munster
Peter Kennedy Plumbing & HeatingWaterfordMunster
Peter StapletonKilkennyLeinster (Excluding Dublin)
PJ Firman & Co LtdWexfordLeinster (Excluding Dublin)
Plumbing Heating RenewablesWaterfordLeinster (Excluding Dublin), Munster
Prout Plumbing And HeatingTipperaryMunster
Qdl InsulationWexfordLeinster (Excluding Dublin)
RFM Construction LtdKilkennyLeinster (Excluding Dublin)
Right Price Insulation LtdWexfordLeinster (Excluding Dublin)
RM HeatWexfordLeinster (Excluding Dublin)
Rob Lacey InsulationsWexfordLeinster (Excluding Dublin)
Sean Leahy Plastering ContractorTipperaryConnacht, Dublin, Leinster (Excluding Dublin), Munster, Ulster
Sean Moynihan Electrical & PlumbingWexfordLeinster (Excluding Dublin)
South East InsulationsWexfordDublin, Leinster (Excluding Dublin), Munster
Stephen O Sullivan Plumbing And Heating LtdTipperaryMunster
Syl Doyle Plumbing & HeatingWexfordDublin, Leinster (Excluding Dublin)
T.M. Plumbing & Heating ServicesTipperaryMunster
Thomas Nolan Plumbing & HeatingWexfordLeinster (Excluding Dublin)
Tierney & O'Neill LtdKilkennyLeinster (Excluding Dublin), Munster
TOC Construction LtdWexfordDublin, Leinster (Excluding Dublin)
Tom Cooney T/A TC Plumbing LtdKilkennyLeinster (Excluding Dublin), Munster
Tom Kearney Heating & Plumbing ServicesWaterfordMunster
Tom Kearns ElectricalKilkennyLeinster (Excluding Dublin), Munster
Tom O Neill Plumbing & HeatingWaterfordMunster
Tony Larkin Heatpump ServicesWaterfordLeinster (Excluding Dublin), Munster
Tony Tyrrell & Sons LtdWaterfordDublin, Leinster (Excluding Dublin), Munster
Uni Heat Solutions LtdWaterfordMunster
W&R Walsh Plumbing Contractors LtdWaterfordMunster
W.J.B Plumbing + HeatingWexfordLeinster (Excluding Dublin)
Walsh & Sheehan LtdWaterfordLeinster (Excluding Dublin), Munster
Warm Home Insulation LtdWexfordDublin, Leinster (Excluding Dublin), Munster
Waterford InsulationWaterfordLeinster (Excluding Dublin), Munster
White Premier Construction LtdTipperaryLeinster (Excluding Dublin), Munster